Company History

Kitaab, which means “book” in many Asian languages, was founded in 2005 by journalist and writer Zafar Anjum in Singapore as a virtual space to celebrate literature and writing in Asia.

Initially, the idea behind Kitaab was to create a link-based information storehouse where the most important stories on Asian writers and writing were carefully curated, so that lovers of Asian writing did not have to look anywhere else for news and views on their favourite books and writers.

While the original idea behind Kitaab is still in operation at, it has grown to encompass related activities such as publishing, filmmaking and organizing literary events to benefit the Asian arts community. Kitaab published its very first title in 2013 which was released during the Singapore Writers Festival in the same year.

Headquartered in Singapore, Kitaab prides itself on providing a writing, publishing, and film-making platform to emerging and seasoned Asian writers and filmmakers worldwide to express themselves creatively.


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