Zafar Anjum

zafar-anjumZafar Anjum is a journalist, writer, media consultant and trainer who lives and works in Singapore. He has been a journalist and writer for over 19 years and has worked with reputed media companies such as Fairfax Business Media (Australia), Executive Networks Media (Singapore), MediaCorp (Singapore) and Encyclopaedia Britannica (India). For eight years, he led the online editorial team at Southeast Asia’s top enterprise IT publications such as Computerworld Singapore, Computerworld Malaysia, CIO Asia, BankIT Asia and MIS Asia.

Zafar is the author of many bestsellers such as The Resurgence of Satyam (Random House India, 2012), Startup Capitals: Discovering the Global Hotspots of Innovation (Random House India, December 2014), and Iqbal: The Life of a Poet, Philosopher and Politician (Vintage Books/Random House India, 2014). He is also the founder of two startups— Kitaab International Pte Ltd., Singapore, and Filmwallas Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Zafar has a wide experience in training both students and journalists. For many years, he was a mentor at Singapore’s Ministry of Education for their Gifted Students Programme. As a media trainer and recruiter, he has recruited and trained many journalists in Singapore, India and the Philippines who now have successful careers at esteemed media organizations.

Shabana Zahoor

img_3101-1Shabana Zahoor comes from an IT sales and resource management background, and has held managerial positions at various multinationals. She holds a Masters in Science degree from Jamia Hamdard (India) and a professional degree in Computing from University of Cambridge (UK). She has worked for multinationals such as Avanade and CSC Singapore, among others.