Corporate Films


Kitaab has a team of film professionals with a combined experience of over 40 years between us. We have worked across all genres of formats: from feature films to documentaries, and shorts to corporate films.

Kitaab also works with, that offers an innovative platform for crowdsourced films.

The core of all our productions is the ‘story’ or the ‘narrative’ as we are driven by storytelling,  which is the backbone of any good media product.

Be it a corporate film or a short film on one of your services or products, we can deliver whatever you want at a very competitive rate.

What we can do for you

– Corporate Films

– Shorter films related to individual products or specific services

– Films related to a company’s internal systems and processes

– Films on the company’s sustainability and CSR initiatives

– Films on employee and management training programs

– Brand funded fictional content for the online space (for example, Youtube or Vimeo)



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